Native Plant Supply


With the construction of the Rural Design Native Plant Nursery in 2014 Rural Design now has the capability to grow plants specifically targeted to projects they are charged with designing and implementing. A prime example is at Tara Iti, where seeds were eco-sourced from the Te Arai area and grown specifically for the implementation project. 

The nurseries primary focus is on providing trees for large scale planting projects. However plans are in place to offer some retail options for people focused on doing their own small scale planting projects. Please click the following link to see our plant lists and order plants that you may require.

Using native trees and plants to develop your property, or “eco-sourcing” is a sustainable and cost effective way highlight and improve on the features of your land. Native trees have adapted specifically to grow naturally, making them more resilient to pests and weather changes. Native trees and plants also come in a wide assortment of colors that seamlessly complement with other native fauna and flora in that area. 


- They are resilient, well adapted to their current environment and seasonal weather changes.
- They are also flexible. Many of them grow into larger forms, creating that necessary character for your land. 
- Native trees provide shade and shelter to helpful species like bees, birds, and other pollinators, helps reduce soil erosion due to wind and water, regulate temperature fluctuations.

ENHANCES THE LOOK – Native plants, in all shapes and sizes, offer a coterie of texture and color to a piece of land. The Red Beech or Fuscospora fusca, for example, is a medium-sized evergreen tree that changes color in autumn, providing a changing palette to match the seasons.  

ENRICHES THE CULTURE – Native plants have always been a part of the environmental body of New Zealand. Tangata whenua traditionally have used many native trees for food and medical purposes. Planting native trees on your property not only improves the land’s structure, it also respects and honors those who use it.  

PRESERVES NATURAL ORDER –Through the use of Eco-sourcing, a developer can preserve plant species that are potentially endangered while ensuring the survival of other native species that depend on it. 

ESTABLISHES THE FUTURE – Since native plants ensure sustainable growth, the developer is secures both aesthetic value, environment sustainability and potential productivity (such as Manuka Honey production).



RURAL DESIGN is the answer to your native plant concerns. We offer:

  • Experience qualified advise on the appropriate land-use for your property or landscape.
  • Design, plant supply, implementation and maintenance of your landscape.
  • Competitive pricing on exotic and native plants, with a seamless process of transforming your desired landscape appearance
  • We eco-source native plant species for you to maximize the potential of your property.

For more information on native plants, check out their list of exotic plants in their catalogue on their website, or you can visit their office at 300 Kaiwaka-Mangawhai Road Kaiwaka, Northland.