Planting & Landscape Work

Urban and Rural Landscape Implementation Services

Our extensive experience in large scale native re-vegetation projects for Council and private developers, with our ability to source some of the most competitive plants on the market, has made us a leader in urban and rural landscape planning and implementation. 

We offer a significant labour force from two to fifteen units; all of which have experience in landscaping and re-vegetation.
Our experience in residential streetscape design has also made us one of the most sought after firms in the country. We can facilitate any form of hard landscaping works including paving, block work, plastering and frame construction, as well as the creation of storm water ponds and rain gardens.

Rural Design now has an efficient nursery capable of sourcing plants to customer needs.

Planting and Landscape Work

Why should I invest in land-use planning?

Whether you have a subdivision or a farm, land-use planning is essential to get the maximum use out of your property.
Proper urban landscaping provides numerous benefits, which includes:
1. Rise in property values for each unit
2. Reduced maintenance cost with functional design that complements the property’s natural topography
3. Reduced impacts from climate change and extreme weather with carefully planned re-vegetation and planting services
4. Maximize access to government benefits and grants with the Fish and Game or Northland Regional Council though wetland restoration, riparian planting, and ecological restoration.

Meanwhile, our expertise in farm landscaping would help you:

1. Maximize utilization of available land while minimizing environmental impact
2. Ensure sustained profitability and minimize the impact of extreme weather changes with ecological restoration.
3. Develop, utilise, and maintain water resources through wetland and riparian restoration.
4. Build structures and expand operations with minimal or no impact on the environment.

How can I benefit from ecological restoration?

More than just a government initiative or an advocacy, there’s no denying ecological restoration has directly contributed to the ongoing prosperity of property owners and the protection of commercially significant native plants. Respecting the health, integrity, and natural purpose of the land is essential in ensuring sustainable land use. 

Ecological restoration using eco-sourced, native plants protects property value and use by mitigating the effects of natural and man-made ecological events. By taking design into consideration, ecological restoration can also increase property values by improving overall aesthetics and creating more opportunities for land utilization.

How Rural Design Can Help You?

We are a one stop shop for urban and rural landscaping and implementation. Our years of experience with private and government projects has made us experts in the optimal planning, preparation and implementation of landscape design, planting and re-vegetation services.

With Rural Design, you’re sure that this is done sustainably, effectively, and in a most cost effective manner. Compared to our competition, we provide the best value with the greatest amount of expertise. Everything that needs to be done regarding planting and landscaping work, we can do at the best price. Not only that, we can:

  • facilitate and project manage all land resource consent processes that require engineers, surveyors, planners, ecologists, arborists. 
  • facilitate with local and regional authorities on your project
  • plan, facilitate and implement riparian planting to ensure waterway or wetland sustainability

Want to know more about urban and rural landscaping services, contact us here. You can also learn more about our other services or read about our projects here.

Planting and Landscape Work