Wetland & Riparian Design and Planting

In the past wetlands were often drained and 'put to better use'. Since European colonisation wetlands have undervalued as a natural resource and re-purposed for other uses. Our ancestors drained wetlands for agricultural and urban development. Recent scientific findings and an understanding of natural land use patterns have forced a society 're-think'. We now know that wetlands are essential and one of the worlds most productive environments. With assistance and intuition, many landowners have now found the wisdom of creating or restoring wetlands inside their properties with a multitude of intrinsic benefits.

Having wetlands within your property can benefit you several ways as follows:

  • Recreational purposes - can be used for hunting, bird watching.
  • Aesthetic benefits - enhance the natural beauty of your property. Often this type of enhancement also provides non-measurable economic benefits. 
  • Environmental benefits - wetlands act as filter and sieves dissipating water velocity, sediments and nutrients as they head from the 'mountains to the sea'. Wetlands tend to act as 'sponges' filtering out 'nasty' heavy metals, sediments and nutrients that can impact on fresh and salt water environments. 
  • Storm-water retention ponds - wetland planting is now a favoured management tool to sieve and filter catchment runoff within a subdivision, dairy farms, and existing urban environments. In all situations storm-water management is a requirement for new subdivisions.
  • Habitat - NZ wetlands are home to 30% of our native freshwater fish and 22% of native birds. Wetlands are an important habitat for native fauna and flora.
  • Water table - wetlands hold water within the ground water table for longer periods of time and act as a 'water storage device'. 
  • Protection of wetlands can enable subdivision. E.g. In the Rodney District (Auckland Council) the protection of a 5000m2 to 2 hectares of wetland allows the creation of an additional house lot on Rural Land.

How Rural Design Can Help You

Rural Design is able to assist in the design and creation of wetlands and riparian water bodies and habitats. 

Rural Design will

  • provide simple cost effective design solutions and wetland plant supply to create wetland systems
  • can provide assistance in obtaining funding from Fish and Game or Northland Regional Council for waterway protection and fencing 
  • provide cost competitive wetland management implementation services.
  • facilitate and project manage all land resource consent processes that require engineers, surveyors, planners, ecologists, arborists. 
  • facilitate with local and regional authorities on your project
  • plan, facilitate and implement riparian planting to ensure waterway or wetland sustainability

Start planning the restoration and development of existing wetland with Rural Design. Contact us for inquiries on wetland restoration, consulting, planning, or creation. 

Property in Hakaru - Before

Property in Hakaru - After