Resource & Landuse Consent Applications

Resource and Land use Consent applications are not limited to subdivision development. Any activity that may have an impact on the environment like earthworks, putting up a sign, vegetation clearance, or even holding an event on your property may require resource or land use consent

Rules and policies vary within each district and region and not all consent applications are equal. The activity, available resource (land or water), and affected parties can play a role in the outcome of consent applications. Accurate and detailed reports and plans must be submitted in order to ensure that the application process is fast and efficient. And depending on the complexity and scale of the consent application, approval or rejections could take from between 20 working days to several months.

With all the paperwork and planning needed, you’ll need professional services to make sure that your application is done quickly and correctly; to ensure that your applications are approved with minimal delays.

How Rural Design Can Help You

Rural Design conducts Ecological Assessments, provides advice on land use planning and recommended proposals which are essential parts of any consent application process. We at Rural Design can help you prepare these documents and facilitate all types of resource consent applications including District Resource Consents and Regional Consents for all forms of urban and rural property development. Our experience and relationships with different Councils, Planning, Landscape Architect, Engineers and Surveying Consultants has made us knowledgeable on the different requirements and policies of each area, and how to draft applications specific to your needs. 

We do more than help you with resource and land use consent applications. We’re a one-stop shop of planning, design, preparation and implementation of landscape design and proposal. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your consent application process and beyond.