The successful outcome of a landscape project is the result of careful and reflective design; and its subsequent correct implementation. The long term success of a project establishes a positive benchmark for future work.

Practical field experience, trials and observations allow us to provide advice and assistance for any individual or consultancy on plant species appropriateness and suitability for varying natural environments. 


Auckland Council Plantings (Ongoing-Auckland Wide)

Rural Design has been working with the Auckland Council on multiple stormwater and outfall projects. Often repairing substandard jobs from other companies. These jobs are important as they help filter runoff from urban areas which ends up in the Hauraki Gulf, Waitemata Harbour and the mighty Kaipara Harbour. At Whangaparaoa Harbour Rural Design worked with the local community to educate the public on the benefits of planting. Rural Design enjoys a positive relationship with Auckland Council and hopes this continues into the future. The images below show one of our flagship plantings at Kahika Reserve in the North Shore. 

Kahika Reserve: September 2016

Kahika Reserve: October 2017


Tara Iti Golf Course (2013-)

Rural design was tasked with implementing planting at the Tara Iti- New Zealand Links Golf Course and surrounding areas. Rural Design worked with Darby Partners Landscape Architecture to ensure that the natural character of the area was maintained and that the ecology of the area was enhanced.   

The dunes systems around the course are important to local invertebrate such as skinks, geckos, wekas, as well as native bird species such the fairy tern, seagulls, dotterels, etc. Local coastal plant species provided the seed for the plants grown for the project, ensuring all plants used on the job were eco-sourced. The Started in 2013 Tara Iti project is on-going, plant maintenance and weed control are continuously monitored and further planting is taking place each year. Over the next 8 years the planting of the large 200-hectare reserve gifted to the Auckland Council by Te Uri o Hau will commence with Rural Design in charge of implementation. 

Tara Iti visitor accommodation July 2016

Tara Iti visitors accomodation January 2017

“Rural Design 1984 Limited has been assisting Darby Partners with Ecological Restoration of the Taraiti Golf Course and Darby Development in Te Arai, New Zealand. They have eco-sourced and grown the majority of the plants for this project with a large number of local iwi employed by their firm. The quality of their plants and work is ‘second to none’ and their vocation for ecological restoration and biodiversity enhancement sits neatly with Darby Partners ethos”.

— Peter Whiting, Principal Landscape Architect for Darby Partners

Jack Boyd Drive – Mangawhai

Jack Boyd Drive was a re-vegetation project initiated in 2006 to enable development of resident properties to meet environment consent. The project captures some of the best aspects of what Rural Design can implement. The planting acts as a filter for runoff from part of the Mangawhai catchment area, all of which ends up in the Mangawhai estuary. The plantings are now acting as a buffer from rapid residential growth in the area. Wetland plants, especially Raupo played played an important role in filtering nutrients from farmlands and other urban activities.  

Jack Boyd Drive 2006

Jack Boyd Drive 2006

Jack Boyd Drive 2016

Jack Boyd Drive 2006

Jack Boyd Drive 2016

Jack Boyd Drive 2016

Mangawhai Car-Park Plantings

Anyone who has been to the Mangawhai Carpark in the last 8 years has seen major changes. This particular project is one of the smaller Rural Design jobs. Rural Design worked with the Kaipara District Council and Soul Environments Landscape Architecture to plant the car-park with coastal species and remove some of the larger exotic trees from the area.