Landuse Management Proposals – Farm & Lifestyle Management Plans

We provide land use management proposals, both for farm and lifestyle land use. Effective land use management proposals would: 

- Provide developers with numerous land management and land use options
- Come with associated landscape architectural drawings
- Develop farm plans that maximize the land utilisation while minimizing environmental impact
- Create sustainable residential and subdivision designs taking into consideration ecological restoration, food gardens and orchards and overall aesthetics
How Do Land-use Management Proposals Work?

Land-use management proposals help explore the inherent capabilities of the landscape. Once the inherent capabilities are determined, maximum efficient land use is achieved while the diversity of the resource base of the property is expanded, giving room for sustainable property development.

The process involves an assessment of the sites critical landscape elements like topography, geography, water systems, human use, climate, native plants and local legislation. Taking all these elements into consideration, we then take a systematic approach to the preparation, planning, and development of a landscape management concept. The report includes the study of sustainable development options and the design of short and long term land use opportunities. 

To create a proposal, here are the factors that we take into consideration:

- Consideration of a properties location within the broader catchment context.
- Definitions of landscape identify areas within the property in terms of their characteristics.
- Assessment of management issues and development opportunities within these identity areas
- Development of management criteria and land use practices appropriate to each identity area.
- An appraisal of the infrastructural elements including access, water management, shelter patterns, forest and habitat linkages and an overall landscape management design which integrates all of the detailed 'identity areas' to form a complete plan for the management of the property as a whole.

Once a report is completed it enables the property owner to proceed using detailed strategic instruction without applying an adhoc approach to the way they manage and develop their property. This allows for sustainable property development and maintenance, which helps bring down cost and eliminates wasted resources in the long run and helps maintain property values.

How Rural Design Can Help You

Our land-use management proposals don’t just come from theoretical knowledge. they come from years of experience working with different clients and we’ve been there from preparation, design, all the way to implementation. This level of expertise and team of qualified ecologists help ensure that all the proposals we offer are feasible, efficient and sustainable for subdivision or farm plans.

And with our extensive native plant nursery, experienced labor units, and ongoing relationship with other consultants, local and regional authorities we can guarantee greater success in consent processing with our proposals.

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