Ecological Assessments

Heath Worsfold undertaking an Ecological Assessment

Rural Design are specialists in Applied Ecology. We can provide detailed Ecological Assessments of existing habitat and also assist with noxious weed removal methodologies and bush, stream and wetland restoration. In fact we are the one stop shop when it comes to ecological restoration from the initial assessment to the establishment and practical implementation of the job. Our thorough understanding of Council processes and the natural landscape ensure a fast efficient job with good environmental and aesthetic outcomes.

 We have years of experience working with Land Developers, Local and Regional Councils, and private stakeholder groups. 

We can also provide environmental impact assessments that can help guide clients in planning and development proposals, which minimizes the risk of proposal rejections. 

Rural Design supplies ecological assessments for any resource consent application offering detailed on-site field surveys and collation of data into brief or detailed reports where required. 
How Rural Design Can Help You!

We are experienced not only in desktop but also practical ecological considerations, we have years of experience in a wide variety to fields to provide complete and accurate assessments based on proven models and real life scenarios. 

Our experience in planning, practical project management, and implementation gives more depth to our environmental assessments. 

Our strong relationship with local and regional government units has also made us adept in environmental legislation that could impact planning, proposal and development.

Should you require more detail about our ecological assessments, feel free to contact us to talk to any of our ecological consultants. If you have additional ecological needs for your property, feel free to check our list services and completed projects.