Bill & Beverly Worsfold

Bill and Beverly own and operate the Rural Design business on the 170 hectare family farm. The farm operates as a beef and grazing unit and now with the family involved are continually looking at long term sustainable land use options and future outcomes. The homestead is situated in the central regions of the farm on a northern slope with extensive orchards, gardens, poultry and pigs to generate an array of home produce available to the family.
Bill and Beverly believe that future avenues exist in the farm providing local organic produce to the community. 

Bill was born on the Bowmar family farm in 1948 which was originally settled by his great grandparents in the 1860s. Bill went to school in the local area and finished his schooling at Northland Agricultural College before coming back and helping his mother and father to continue the family dairy farm operation. The farm was steadily improved with production increasing as the land was intensified. Bill's parents Hamlyn and Josephine were strong advocates for environmental protection, and large areas of indigenous bush and wetlands were protected. Extensive plantings continued and the farm operation was eventually developed as a sustainable farm model and environmental enhancement work continues to the present day.

Bill met Beverley Jackson (aka) in the late 1970's. Bev came from the Waikato region and was bought up by her parents who were involved in the race horse industry. Bill and Bev married in the late 1970’s and proceeded to start a family. In the early 1980's Bill and Bev became involved in the Permaculture Institute looking at long-term solutions for land management. In this time, Bill obtained a three-year Diploma in Permaculture. It was at this time that Rural Design was started in partnership with Dennis Scott. Dennis has now established his own successful business (DJ Scott & Associates) which is now a jointly owned company and his time is now predominantly preoccupied with this business.

Heath Worsfold 

Heath graduated with a Bachelor of Resource Studies from Lincoln University in 2000 with a major in Wildlife Ecology and Nature Conservation, after which, Heath obtained experience at Gisborne District Council working as a Natural Resource Policy Planner. His role involved various projects including the Sustainable Hill Country Project and Protected Natural Areas Program. Afterwards Heath spent three years in Town Planning and Appeals & Enforcement for the London Borough of Richmond working in the areas of urban design, residential and city centre planning. 
Completing 6 years work experience in two contrasting work settings provided Heath with a wide range of experience and perspective on issues relating to social, economic and environmental sustainability. Heath returned to New Zealand 2007 to help expand Rural Design offering skills in ecological assessment, plant nursery design and sales, environmental planning and the range of administration skills required for the business. Heath developed his passion for ecology working with Bill on the farm and on earlier Rural Design wetland and riparian projects. He used this passion more recently to access  funding from Fish and Game New Zealand to plant wetlands at the back of the family farm. The funding came from the New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust, which exists primarily to improve New Zealand game bird habitat and secondarily, to improve the habitat of other wildlife. Heath is now a Director of Rural Design 1984 Limited.

Eden Worsfold

Eden is the youngest son of four. Upon completing secondary school he set into the field of building, completing two years building experience, with a strong set of skills relevant to hard landscaping requirements. Upon finishing his building experience Eden went into the field of re-vegetation and land restoration projects. Eden has a passion for working with the outdoors, helping Bill with the farm from an early age. Eden learnt from a young age the impact animals and humans can have on the land and has extensive experience in mitigating harm and restoring land to productivity and environmental equilibrium. He has extensive knowledge of native plant species and is adept at identifying the appropriate plant type and layout for any New Zealand landscape.
Years of experience in site preparation, plant selection mix, plant layout and design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring, coupled with farming experience in pasture management, fencing, use of machinery means Eden is capable of managing the whole process with expertise. Eden is now a Director of Rural Design 1984 Limited and is the Operations Manager managing up to 25 employees (The majority of which are from the local Kaipara community) including our Site Foreman and labour units. 

Francois GardAn

Francois hails from the Brittany region in France. Francois has a 4 Year Diploma in Landscape Gardening. Francois originally came to New Zealand to experience a new culture, lifestyle and to expand his horticultural knowledge.

Francois is currently the Nursery Manager for Rural Design. He is in charge of collecting seed and process of growing and looking after the plants.  A highly organised individual Francois enjoys the family orientated nature of Rural Design and he has rapidly expanded his knowledge of New Zealand native plants. The nursery is tasked with producing the majority of plants required for all planting jobs, growing close to 1 million plants per year.

IRAIA maxwell

Iraia is our main Site Foreman specialising in plant implementation on site. Iraia has been with Rural Design for 7 years.

Iraia is a hardworking individual committed to the environment. He is an efficient manager who despite his young age is a highly capable site supervisor. Iraia leads by example on site, he is a lightening quick planter as well as an effective operator of machinery. Iraia values working for a family company and has learnt a variety of skills related to managing people, time management, plant implementation and the costs associated with the job.